Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy Testing

Wondering if You’re Pregnant?

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Don’t get caught worrying about being pregnant before you are sure. A missed period is the most common indication, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are pregnant.

Common pregnancy symptoms include:

  • Late period
  • Tender or swollen breasts
  • Frequent urination
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Lightheadedness or fainting
  • Backaches
  • Food cravings or aversions
  • Darkening of the nipples

Are you having some of these symptoms?

Our staff can provide lab-certified pregnancy testing free of charge. You will have the test results during your appointment.

Commonly Asked Questions

Our tests are laboratory rated. They can detect the hCG pregnancy hormone as early as the day before your first missed period. The test is more than 99.9% accurate.

Yes, you may be rescheduled for a repeat test. The hCG hormone doubles every 2.2 days during the first three months of pregnancy.

If you have concerns about missed periods and your pregnancy test continues to be negative, you should see your healthcare provider for assessment.

All we ask is that you bring a valid ID. Friends and/or family will be asked to wait in the lobby until after your test for your privacy and the privacy of the other patients. They may join you, if you wish, after the test is run and you are given the results, then we will be happy to answer any questions they may have and speak with them about your options.

Where You Matter.

  • Pregnancy Tests are accurate as early as 7 to 10 days after conception.
  • STD Testing Referrals for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and HIV
  • Sonogram Referrals are provided on site for those who meet the criteria.
  • All services are provided at no charge.

We are Women-Focused.

  • You are the most important person in the room.
  • You will be treated with respect and care.
  • Your confidentiality will be protected.

We are Women-Focused.

  • You are the most important person in the room.
  • You will be treated with respect and care.
  • Your confidentiality will be protected.

Questions & Answers

Walk-ins are welcome; however, it is best to make an appointment to minimize your office wait time, please call us at
(860) 222-4505 or schedule an appointment online.
Our professional medical-grade lab quality pregnancy test can determine pregnancy the first day after your first missed period. We recommend you make an appointment if you have missed a period, have any pregnancy related questions, or think you might be pregnant.

You will meet with our professionals to go over your information and a lab-quality pregnancy test will be administered. With a positive pregnancy test result, we offer referrals for ultrasound to confirm a living, intrauterine pregnancy.

All our services are provided free of charge.

Absolutely, you can bring your boyfriend, family member or friend. We will talk with you privately first. Then provided you have given us consent to have them in the room, your guest will be able to join you.

We adhere to a strict privacy and confidentiality policy. Clients will be protected from disclosure of information that violates their right to privacy except where required by law, required for public health reasons, required to avert a threat of harm to the client or a third person, or when other circumstances may reasonably warrant such use or disclosure without prior authorization (e.g., abuse reporting, suicide/homicide prevention, etc.)