Pathways Pregnancy or Planned Parenthood?

Pathways Pregnancy or Planned Parenthood?

Wondering If You're Pregnant?

Be Sure. Get a lab-quality test at Pathways Pregnancy Today. Get Answers at Pathways (860) 222-4505

Why Choose Pathways Pregnancy instead of Planned Parenthood?

Pathways Pregnancy Provides FREE Pregnancy Consultations in Norwich, CT

Every woman facing unplanned pregnancy should answer three questions before making her final pregnancy decision:

  • Am I really pregnant? 1 in 5 pregnancies end on their own (miscarriage), most often before 7 weeks.
  • How far along am I? The type of abortion you may be eligible for and its cost are determined by gestational age.
  • What are all of my options? What are the pros and cons of each of these?

Pathways Pregnancy can offer you a limited ultrasound to help confirm whether or not you are truly pregnant, how far along you are, and if your pregnancy is viable. Our experienced staff will help you review and talk through all of your options, so that you can feel comfortable with your final decision.

Pathways Pregnancy is Objective and Not Financially Motivated

Pathways Pregnancy is a non-profit organization and is not dependent on funds generated by clients’ medical insurance to keep its doors open. Because of this, we can provide truly unbiased information and one-on-one, personal, compassionate care and support. Pathways Pregnancy exists to help you make an informed decision based on facts about pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. Pregnancy decisions are too important to leave to a rushed, clinical conversation and a waiting room where you feel like a number.

Pathways Pregnancy will Engage, Equip and Empower You.

A recent study reported that 74% of American women who had abortions said that they did not receive adequate counseling beforehand. 59% felt pressured by others. Abortion providers only profit from one of your pregnancy options and are incentivized to make abortion seem like the best choice.

At Pathways Pregnancy, our concern is for your long-term well-being. We strive to empower our clients to make the choice that’s right for them. We understand that having the baby is the most difficult choice. If you are not empowered to make the most difficult choice, you are not truly free to choose.

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Norwich (also called “The Rose of New England“) is a city in New London County, Connecticut. The YanticShetucket, and Quinebaug Rivers flow into the city and form its harbor, from which the Thames River flows south to Long Island Sound

We care & we will listen.

Pathways Pregnancy specializes in helping you through your pregnancy journey. Our experienced and caring counselors will answer your questions and help you evaluate your options in an unrushed and private consultation. Schedule your FREE appointment today.

Questions & Answers

Walk-ins are welcome; however, it is best to make an appointment to minimize your office wait time, please call us at
(860) 222-4505 or schedule an appointment online.
Our professional medical-grade lab quality pregnancy test can determine pregnancy the first day after your first missed period. We recommend you make an appointment if you have missed a period, have any pregnancy related questions, or think you might be pregnant.

You will meet with our professionals to go over your information and a lab-quality pregnancy test will be administered. With a positive pregnancy test result, we offer referrals for ultrasound to confirm a living, intrauterine pregnancy.

All our services are provided free of charge.

Absolutely, you can bring your boyfriend, family member or friend. We will talk with you privately first. Then provided you have given us consent to have them in the room, your guest will be able to join you.

We adhere to a strict privacy and confidentiality policy. Clients will be protected from disclosure of information that violates their right to privacy except where required by law, required for public health reasons, required to avert a threat of harm to the client or a third person, or when other circumstances may reasonably warrant such use or disclosure without prior authorization (e.g., abuse reporting, suicide/homicide prevention, etc.)