Todos nuestros servicios son gratuitos, atentos y confidenciales.

Our clinic will provide you with a free pregnancy test and a free ultrasound to verify your pregnancy.  Our staff will help you explore all of your options.   Call/Text us at 860-222-4505 or make an appointment online.   We also welcome Walk-Ins. 

¿Está considerando el aborto?

¿Se enfrenta a un embarazo inesperado? ¡Estamos aquí para ayudar! Ya sea que necesite a alguien para discutir sus opciones, responder a sus preguntas o simplemente escuchar sus inquietudes, nuestras puertas están abiertas. Contáctenos para compartir sus pensamientos y sentimientos sobre lo que está pasando.

* Nuestra clínica le proporcionará información médicamente precisa sobre los procedimientos y riesgos del aborto. Nuestra clínica no ofrece servicios de aborto ni derivaciones.

¿Te sientes presionado?

No one can choose for you
If someone is pressuring you to have an abortion, know that this choice is only yours.  You should take steps to understand all of your options.

If you are taken to a medical facility against your will, you should tell every person you come in contact with that you do not want an abortion until you are firm in your decision. You should not sign any documentation. Any facility that attempts to coerce you is not looking out for your best interest.


Pathways Pregnancy, Inc. es una organización sin fines de lucro que está aquí para brindar la ayuda que necesita cuando se enfrenta a un embarazo inesperado, independientemente de sus ingresos, estado civil, creencias religiosas o la decisión que se tome con respecto al embarazo.
Todos nuestros servicios son gratuitos y confidenciales.

Confirmación de embarazo

Pathways offers FREE pregnancy tests and FREE first trimester ultrasound referrals to confirm your pregnancy.

Asesoramiento confidencial

Pathways ofrece asesoramiento confidencial a cualquier persona que necesite comprensión y apoyo. Sabemos lo desafiante que puede ser enfrentar un embarazo inesperado.

Servicios gratuitos

All of our services at Pathways Pregnancy in Norwich are completely confidential and at no cost to you. We offer referrals to free ultrasound to verify pregnancy.
Call/Text 860 222-4505 to schedule an appointment or use our online service. Walk-ins are always welcome.

¿Como podemos ayudarte?

¿Qué dice la gente sobre Pathways Pregnancy, Inc.?

I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at this great establishment today. It is nice to be involved with a place that cares so much about the health and well being of women.
My name is Rosa, I was born in Peru I have always struggled with addiction and I became pregnant. I wanted to abort my baby and I went to Pathways. The counselor talked to me about how I can keep my baby, telling me that she will help me with my child and help me with resources to get into a rehab. She visited me there, and told me that I'm not alone. The counselor was my biggest support, she also helped me with finding work, school, driving classes, AA, just about any resource I could possibly need to be okay. I now have two years sober and am raising my beautiful baby boy! Thank you to my counselor from Pathways. for never leaving my side. God bless you.
I was 18 when i fell pregnant with my first daughter... my mother was very religious, so i was terrified to admit i was pregnant. i considered abortion just so i wouldn’t have to admit that i was having sex. when i decided to tell my parents, i was so thankful at how supportive they were.